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      Brief Insight into: Retranex Game Panel

      Liam Temple Company Director
      27th February, 2022
      Brief Insight into: Retranex Game Panel

      Retranex Game Panel provides users with incredible control over their game servers. With Retranex Game Panel, administrators can manage their servers and players like never before. Retranex Game Panel offers a wide variety of features that make managing servers easier than ever. Some of these features include:

      - Server management: allows administrators to manage their servers with ease. This includes starting, stopping, and restarting servers, as well as managing player slots and server settings.

      - Player management: gives administrators the ability to manage players. This includes banning players, kicking players, and setting player permissions.

      - Server stats: provides administrators with detailed server stats so they can keep track of performance.

      - File Manager: includes a powerful File Manager that allows administrators to manage their files and folders with ease. This includes uploading and downloading files, creating folders, and deleting files.

      Through market research and data provided by our partner Iceline Hosting, we have identified areas where our game panel will exceed. Numerous plans will be available on release including a free version, self hosted version, and a SaaS version (pricing not yet released).

      Some of the features that will set Retranex apart from the competition include:

      - Backups: Utilise our Cloud storage for very affordable prices which is automatically engineered to work with Retranex Game Panel out of the box.

      - Theme Editor: In-built theme editor to allow you to modify the design of the game panel. Numerous themes will also be available for affordable prices.

      - Game Specific: Retranex Game Panel is engineered for a large library of popular games. Including Mod managers, plugin installers, resource managers, etc.

      Retranex Game Panel also includes many more features, but we don't want to give too much away just yet. Retranex Game Panel is currently under development and bug testing phases, however we plan to release our game panel in June 2022! So make sure to keep an eye out for it! If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us!